My name is Carrie Anne, and I am so glad you found me. You’re probably wondering more about me, how I got started shooting boudoir, and my WHY. While I wish it were a simple, fairy-tale relationship, my journey with boudoir is very much related to my journey with my body. My past struggles fueled me to get better; not just for me, but for the women I work with.

For years, I struggled with a bad eating disorder, mixed with body dysmorphia. And again, while I wish healing from that was as easy as it is about to sound, it’s not. BUT. In 2012, I was photographed for my first boudoir session, and really, the magic of seeing myself the way someone else saw me was life changing. It was the catalyst, mixed with other things (obviously), that helped me move towards a better relationship with myself. Being photographed in that way, and complimented by another woman literally was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Until then, I had only really been photographed by male photographers, and while there are a lot I do respect, they just don’t understand the power behind being a woman, like us women do.

I realized then, that this was something I wanted to offer to other women. I wanted to get it farther away from the typical “boudoir” session we tend to think of, and put it into the hands of women. I wanted to help women who were looking to reclaim that ‘piece’ of them that maybe they lost. Whether it was about reclaiming their identity, sexuality, or simply just wanting to heal from negative body image, I just wanted to offer a safe space for all women and a photo experience geared towards female empowerment. And so I began shooting boudoir. That was in 2012. It is now 2019, and I can proudly say I have worked with thousands of women, all ages, sizes, races, and with all different abilities. I truly love what I do. Are you ready?


Carrie Anne also works as a commercial and fashion photographer. For other work, please click here.