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WELCOME! I am so glad you are here. First thing's first! My name is Carrie Anne and I am a boudoir photographer based in Oceanside, CA focusing on helping you on your journey to self-love, self- appreciation, and overall, acceptance of all body types. I am a woman with a camera, and I am here to empower you to the moon and back.

I began shooting boudoir in 2012, after I was first introduced to it by a good friend of mine. I just so happened to be working through overcoming an eating disorder, and this boudoir session I had could not have come at a more perfect time. Being photographed in this way was not just about getting gorgeous photos to gift my then, boyfriend (now husband). It was about the experience of being uplifted by another woman and really allowing myself to let my guard down, chill out, and relinquish control. It was about letting go of what I felt I “should” look like and what I hoped I looked like. It was about taking all of that feel good energy from the session, and keeping that with me forever. When you do all of that, something truly magical happens. After my session, my life was truly changed. I walked a little taller, had confidence I never knew was inside me. It made me realize that this is what I wanted to focus my business on.

I don’t approach boudoir like most boudoir photographers. My style is raw and candid and I am here to tell your story. Whether I photograph your first boudoir session or your third, I am in this for you. I am your advocate and I will help you on this journey to self-love. I come from a background of spending years and years hating myself and my body and struggling with an eating disorder. And I am done. I got into boudoir thinking that, If I can help even just one woman begin a journey of self-love, then that's worth it to me. As women, we are also told so often to suppress our sexuality. Boudoir is a way to help women rediscover that side of them, and let it be free! We are sexual beings, and we are goddesses, and it is never too late to want to celebrate allllllllllllla dat. Whether you've got curves and rolls or skin and bones, stretch marks, cellulite, bruises, scars or all of the above- you are a human being, deserving of self freaking love.   Ready to join m


Carrie Anne


Carrie Anne also works as a commercial and fashion photographer. For other work, please click here.