I am an adventure seeking, free-spirited, hopeless romantic. I am married to my best friend and a momma of three wonderful animals; my crazy boxer pup, Izzy & my two wonderful baby kittens McKinley and Everest. I am a boudoir, wedding and portrait photographer, an attempted blogger (hehe) , and a lover of fashion and culture. I am a work-a-holic and you probably won't find me sitting for too long, unless of course, I am sucked into editing my wonderful client's sessions, which is usually the case. If I could live off of coffee and chocolate, I would. Let's be real, you can't, so I have developed a love (or slight obsession) for cooking healthy but savory meals, when I can. Oh and speaking of obsessions, I am in love with the city of New Orleans and hope to live there someday. A girl can dream right? For now, I am living in Annapolis, Maryland and loving it. 

I believe that it is important to empower women through the work I do. My style is raw and candid and I am here to tell your story. Whether I photograph your first boudoir session or your wedding, your job remains simple; be yourself, love yourself, and allow me to capture those real, raw, vulnerable moments. The moments that, years from now, you will look back upon and instantly be taken back to that feeling. We all have flaws..big, beautiful, different flaws,  and I want nothing more than to help you embrace every single one of them. 

I am in this for you. I am your advocate and I will help you on this journey to self-love. Ready to join me?


Carrie Anne also works as a commercial photographer, servicing the client Under Armour, in Baltimore, MD. For other work, please click here.

















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