Sounds pretty deep and morbid, yeah? Well, It’s Tuesday and it’s 2019. This is the year I am deciding to just do the things that make me nervous, or scared, or afraid. This is the year to do things I “don’t feel ready for”. Maybe this is the year you will too?

I am a photographer, and I happen to specialize in a very rewarding area of photography; boudoir. I get to empower women for a L I V I N G. I get to offer these amazing experiences to any and all women and I get to watch them transform from scared and nervous into beautiful confident badass women. There are a ton of you who have told me, “I am not ready, I need to lose weight! I need to get a babysitter! I need to save money! I am definitely not sexy enough for this- this is silly!” The list truly goes on and on and on. But the truth is, that’s all fucking bullshit- bullshit that society has brainwashed - yes brainwashed- us into believing. Why do we fall into this trap? Why don’t we just say FUCK IT more often and do things that either make us happy, or things we THINK will make us happy, but also maybe they scare us? Why do we hold back so much. Not only do I think you should make 2019 the year to book a boudoir session, but i think you should make 2019 the year to sky dive, to book that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, to take a day and just drive around until you get lost, to introduce yourself to a stranger, to get out of your damn head and start living. 


Live in your body. Love your body. Live in your mind. Love  your mind. Live in your heart. LOVE your heart. You are a beautiful BEING. I am writing this blog to remind you of that, on a random Tuesday, as society will begin to remind you of all the things you should be doing. Stay present. Focus on the things you WANT to do. And do them, my dear. Do. Them. Life is too short. 


Carrie Anne

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Carrie Anne Kelly