Hannah is a badass babe.

You guyssssss! 

I haven't blogged for so long, and that's not cool! As you know, in life, we go through many stages where we put our focus on other aspects of our life and career for growth purposes. I've been shooting a lot. A LOT. For a lot of various clients. I just haven't been sharing! And. unfortunately, my website and blog have been on the back burner, and I am making it my goal to get on here and blog at least once a week. Whether I share a session, personal images, or talk about whatever the hell is on my mind, I want to blog more.

Anyways- back in December, ayyyyy yiyiyi. Yeah, it's been that long. I photographed this amazing queen of a woman, Hannah. She is such a genuine human being, with so much to offer and I am so entirely bless that the universe connected us last April. We have so much planned, and I get to photograph her gorgeous wedding in June, for which I am so freaking excited. 

Let's celebrate this gorgeous queen together! She was brave enough to step in front of my lens with total openness. It can be really hard to go into that vulnerable place. Those who do, I applaud you endlessly. 


Sexy is a state of mind. Yes, what you choose to wear to your boudoir session obviously adds to that, but really, don't over think this!

Go with what feels like YOU. What YOU feel best in. These sessions are an intimate experience, and the last thing you want to do is feel totally unnatural with what you're wearing. 

A lot of women have been wearing body suits lately because they're inexpensive AND comfortable. They can be simple like my girl Kat's (pictured below) or you can go lacey and super  revealing. 

Check out my babe Kat, and how she rocked the hellllll out of a simple, inexpensive, white body suit!

$200 Boudoir Mini Sessions for the Month of August- SAY WHAT!?

Yupp! You heard it! I am offering, for the entire month of August, $200 45 minute mini boudoir sessions! These will take place at my in-home studio right in Annapolis. You will receive a 45 minute session, time for 1-2 looks (bring your own wardrobe and accessories), as well as 5 high-resolution digital images for download. You will also have a gorgeous online gallery to browse and order more products from, should you choose! I'll also be here for you every step of the way before your session, to give input on what to wear, who to get your makeup done by (I have an awesome girl over at Dorsey Beauty- she's killer), and how to prep for this! 


45 minute session

1-2 outfits (you bring them)

5 high resolution, fully edited, digital downloads

Online gallery to order more from



I am so thrilled to finally share the first part of this incredible collaboration I worked on back in early March. We had an incredible team that day that consisted of Baltimore stylist, Katherine Knecht, Philadelphia model, Claire Mahoney, and Philadelphia based makeup artist, Kimberly Senick. Kat and I really wanted to shoot a 'Spring Intimates' editorial featuring lots of beautiful lace and velvet. The focus was to feature two ways to rock these gorgeous pieces. 

After lots of online shopping and prepping, Kat and I road tripped to Philly to photograph this in the gorgeous studio space of a close friend of mine, Cheyenne Gil. The gushing light, hardwood floors and exposed brick set the perfect scene. 

It truly was a perfect day and I couldn't have asked for a better team. Kimberly, as I knew she would, killed it on hair and makeup, and truly took our jumbled description of what we wanted and brought it to life. Claire brought her A-game and looked stunning in everything we picked for her. I love what I do and am so grateful for all the amazing, creative women in my life! Be on the look out for a separate post featuring the final two looks we captured that day.



Carrie Anne


Stylist,  Katherine Knecht 

Hair + Makeup, Kimberly Senick

Model, Clair Mahoney

FUJI 400H 120

I just realized, I never shared the very first roll of film I shot on my Hasselblad. I absolutely love everything about these images and the meaning they hold. Meiying has been my muse for so long and I am so happy I photographed her doing some yoga near one of my favorite abandoned houses. There's really not much to say about these except that they are just very special to me. I wanted to share the roll in it's entirety, so a couple other randoms are in there, toward the end. 


I cannot wait to incorporate film into my next few weddings!


Hey guys! So, where to even begin...

Jennifer + Trevor came to me in early October looking to book their engagement session near their South Philly home. They just moved here from California and were really looking to incorporate their new home as a part of their images, since it is such a big part of this next journey in their lives; marriage! I obviously said YES and couldn't wait to meet the two of them. Jennifer has this personality that I could just tell through our email interactions, we would have a lot in common. She definitely seemed like someone I had already known! We spent a Sunday evening strolling around South Philly- of course after sipping some incredible California wine on their INCREDIBLE rooftop. We approached their engagement session like I always like to approach city engagements; with no agenda, just looking for picture perfect moments that speak to the couple. We had an absolute blast. It really felt like I was catching up with old friends, and not photographing two people whom I had never met before! Anywho- they're tying the knot in their hometown, San Francisco, and I honestly assumed they'd already found a wedding photographer. So a week later, when they asked me if I'd even be interested in photographing their California wedding, I was like, "UHM YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!". 

I am so frrrrrrrrreaking excited to say I am booked for my first ever destination wedding in the beautiful state of California with one of the most incredible couples I have ever met! I'm bringing along my best friend (Nick <---- incase you didnt already assume that) and we are planning on driving down the coast for a week, ultimately ending up in San Diego! The trip is in the very early stages of planning, as Jen, Trevor and I just confirmed this all yesterday, but for all my fellow travelers- if you have any suggestions on MUST SEE places and MUST EAT places/craft breweries, speak up! I've done the drive down Hwy 1 before, and would love to stop and see some new sites! 

I am just so excited and honored to be traveling across the country to document this beautiful couple's wedding in July! For now, enjoy some of my favorite shots from their South Philly engagement session!




Carrie Anne


Hi guys! I can't believe its been a month (almost) since I have blogged last. Notttttt goood! That's how you know life has been a whirlwind! I recently started working full time at an e-commerce photo studio in Baltimore, and its awesome! I completed my first week as a full timer, and now that I am finally in my groove, I can put the focus back into doing what I love; my business.

In the midst of all of this craziness, I had my first Intimates Session in my new studio space! Sam and I go pretty far back, as she was one of my managers when we both worked at Urban Outfitters. Sam is awesome. She left the comfort of working full time for Urban, to explore her passion, and began volunteering/interning at a wildlife reserve. She is definitely an inspiration to me! I was so thrilled when she came to me wanting to give boudoir a try! Not only did I want to show off my new studio in all its glory (because I have worked SO hard on building it from basically a boring spare bedroom), but I wanted to style this session in a way that shows that boudoir doesn't have to be frilly, expensive lingerie. It really can be as simple as cozy sweaters while holding your most delicious cup of coffee! Sam killed it and left feeling so confident. That's what boudoir does ladies. I can't say it enough! So, if I've convinced you to come and check out both boudoir and my new studio, you're in luck! There is still a spot open for Saturday, November 14th's mini Intimates Sessions! Shoot me email (cakellyphoto@gmail.com) and we will get you on the books! 

Boudoir is a lifechanger ladies. Don't think for a second you're not good enough to experience something like this, because YOU ARE. Every woman in this entire world deserves to love  themselves for all that they are. You deserve to rock every roll, your knobby knees, your freckles, EVERYTHING. Let's follow in the footsteps of these brave women I have photographed and keep the trend going. It's never too late to appreciate yourself for all that you are. 


Carrie Anne


Cheyenne Gil, 'the queen', as I often refer to her. Ugh. I sit here trying to think of what to say that I haven't already said about this woman. She's just awesome and we could use more souls like hers in the world, today. When I was in the midst of the move to Annapolis, she made time to hang with me, so I visited her at her new-ish studio space in Kensington. It is absolutely incredible. Distressed white brick walls, old, gorgeous hardwood floors, and SO much light. A Philadelphia based photographer's dream studio. We sometimes tend to overthink the styling when we just shoot each other for fun. So, it wasn't a surprise when we both said "fuck it" and agreed that her, as she puts it, 'white granny bra" would be the better option to pair with some simple black lace undies. And it was. This session was a sort of "back to basics" session. I used it as the perfect opportunity to focus on photographing differently, with shadows in mind. And I just love these photos of her. Sometimes when you photograph someone so often, it is hard to continuously find new ways to portray them. I don't seem to have this problem with Chey. I mean aside from the fact that she' s absolutely stunning, we are always at different crossroads in our lives when we meet up and shoot, and I think that has so much to do with the quality of images I take of her. If that even makes any sense. She let's her guard down, she stays present, and she remains real.  Always.


I love this session and I hope you do, too.




Transitions + why they're good for your soul.

Changes. We all despise them, but somehow welcome them with open arms in hopes that something good will come from them. At least that's how I approach changes! Really though, I prefer to call them "transitions". Because that's all it is, a transition from one thing to the next. And we all need them, whether we like it or not! I have made my move to Annapolis, MD, and as per usual, my life has been a whirlwind ever. freaking. since. Which is an amazingly great thing. Not only did I move, but I got married (!!!!!!), and somehow in the MIDST of all of that, I might have managed to get a real, adult job, working at an E-Commerce studio!? <------ We'll just stop there because I don't want to jynx myself. I've been there everyday since last Tuesday and as tiring as it is working full time again, it feels so great to be networking and to be a part of a team.

Something I try REALLY hard NOT to do in the midst of big transitions, is to forget to take care of myself. It's really easy to get caught up in the speed of life and stop doing the things that you love. I love working out, I love making healthy meals. I love photographing people in my own studio and making an impact on their lives + I love collaborating with other creatives. I love sleeping in, I love spending all day on the couch with my dog, I love having a clean, box free home, yada yada yada. I love all of these things and more, and the busier I get, the harder it is to keep doing all of them. When this happens I can be really, REALLY, hard on myself and I try not to. Instead, I've been trying to put all of my energy into my new studio space, WHICH I'M IN LOVE WITH. I still work out of home, and that just means I have to work twice as hard to make it something spectacular for my clients. I painted an accent wall, hung rustic window panes, filled it with LOTS and LOTS of drapey fabric, because you all know I love that. I've been working non stop to make this space ten times better than my space in North Carolina, and so far, I think I've done a damn good job. I wanted to show it off to you guys right away, but because I have no friends here yet (whomp whomp), I decided to take some time to photograph myself, to also help me feel better about my lack of a gym routine. And ya know what, it did just the trick. I feel so much better. Messy hair, no makeup, and some simple lacey undies. I feel the best when I'm trying the least. Self portraits are really hard, so I will be doing a model call in order to get a bad ass babe in here to fully show off the beauty of my new space! Be on the lookout! :) 

But for now, enjoy my tush, because despite the amount of squats I have been missing out on, I think it still looks pretty damn good. 




Alex + Juliet, Topsail Beach, N.C

I present to you, Alex + Juliet.

I haven't done a stylized session with a couple before, so I wanted to do something that would challenge both my skill and eye. It was definitely a good challenge, because I didn't want to pose these two romantically. This session was not about a 'couple', so to speak; just two individuals, together. I've been thinking a lot recently about relationships and how we seek security in others, yet, we always in some way end up feeling 'alone' + closed off. I am not really sure yet if these thoughts/feelings were conveyed in these images, however, this shoot was more of an exercise in how I can portray that feeling, photographically. I have been contemplating a lot, the desire for humans to seek out acceptance and love from others in order to feel valid in their own life. This speaks to me directly because of my current situation in life. Always moving + living in new places for short periods of time has made me feel the need to build fast relationships with people, so that I feel like I am a part of something. I consider myself to be a 'free spirit', so to speak, but I also feel the need to be a part of a community or to feel like I am a part of something. This isn't necessarily bad, but it's just something I've been thinking a lot about, as I self reflect. Why do we need to connect with others? Why does the acceptance from someone else make us feel good? Why does being a part of something make us feel important or valid? Additionally, I have also been thinking a lot about my generation and how we are often with someone physically + emotionally + romantically, but yet, we feel so alone. Whether we're distracted by our own demons, thoughts, or simply social media and the world outside, it seems that even if you're with someone 24/7 physically, you still feel closed off.

These images are sort of a visual response to all of these things I have been thinking about lately. I'm not sure if they work with where my head has been, but you won't ever know unless you try something new, right? ;) I didn't really direct them much, because I wanted to see how they would feed off one another's personalities, emotions, and expressions. 

Regardless, I still find them very visually appealing and am so happy I tried something out of my box, again. Plus, I will seriously miss shooting at this beach <3 Enjoy!



Carrie Anne


For me, the absolute best thing about this stylized session is the transition from light to dark that is visible from start to finish. Most photographers, myself included, will tell you their favorite time of day to shoot outside is "the golden hour", which is usually right before the sun begins to set behind the trees. I knew for this session that I wanted to experiment shooting in darker lighting. I needed something new and invigorating. Something to inspire me to keep experimenting. Oh man. So many interesting things start happening when there is less light to work with. The light behind the trees loses its warmth but remains super twinkly. Shadows begin to grow. And the light becomes more "silvery". UGH. It is just my new freaking favorite thing. 

Now that I am done gushing..

I teamed up with my good friend Juliet and good friend/makeup artist Ally Voshell for this one, guys, and man..they never disappoint! Our set was nestled deep into the woods in Juliet's lush backyard. I brought along a bed, some rustic bed frames, vases etc. What I didnt know was that on the side of the road, on our way into Juliet's neighborhood, would be a beautiful kelly green chair. So I obviously scooped it up for the set (thank you photo fairies!!!!!). We went into this like all of our other collabs- no idea & just winging the styling. This approach usually works out best for us, and yet again, we busted out such a beautiful session!

Ally's makeup highlighted Juliet's natural facial structure and the addition of lashes made her eyes pop in that gorgeous light! Also, can you say glow cheeks?!? Ally, I will truly miss having you to work alongside me! You never disappoint. 

Juliet killed it as usual with her "less is more" approach to modeling. Seriously girl, you're killing it anymore! So great to shoot with you again, after a long hiatus! 

Guys- your outdoor boudoir session can be as styled or natural as you'd like! Sometimes, the approach of going in with less expectations and an open mind, really works. I'm also loving the woodsy background- something to keep in mind ladies! 

What more is left to say? I'll leave you to it guys! Enjoy this stylized outdoor boudoir session!


Carrie Anne


My work, both client based and personal, has always dealt with the deconstruction of common stereotypes placed on my subjects, which often varies. I focus on the human spirit, and who my subjects are on the inside, regardless of who they may appear to be on the outside. This theme and interest  has followed me in both the work I am producing as well as my many interests outside of the studio. I have now carried this fascination and desire to show the inner beauty & strength of people, primarily women, into a new body of work focusing on yoga instructors and their practice and space.

I began my journey with yoga at the age of 10 years old. It has followed me my whole life. I have often heard many people say "Oh, I can't do yoga, I am in horrible shape!" or "My ass would not look good in a pair of yoga pants!" or "I can barely reach my fingers to my toes, I am too embarrassed to try yoga". My question is always the same, "When did yoga become so vain?". I am not sure that I have found that answer yet, however, yoga was never a vanity to me. It has always been spiritual, personal, and an emotional practice. I know that yoga, in the mainstream media and fitness community, is often represented in a very sterile way, with models who may or may not be yoga instructors, in the picture perfect studio space. It is often marketed as a way to get in shape, lose weight, or as a fad, usually leaving out everything that yoga truly is; spiritual and meditative. It is the perfect balance and connection of mind, body, and soul. When you google yoga, what do you find? Usually the same poses, no one is sweating, and it is usually one type of woman; slender and dark hair (just an observation). Oh and can I also point out, the next most popular search in regards to yoga is yoga pants, with photos of women's butts. The truth is, this representation of yoga is not a reality for the majority of people practicing. In some cases, it is the complete opposite. Yoga is not about being perfect. It is about being present and patient and passionate. It is about being forgiving to yourself, both in mind and body. 

I have been thinking about this for a long time now, tucking it away in the back of my brain. It wasn't until I was contacted by one of the most beautiful souls I have had the opportunity of meeting, in Jacksonville, that this concept and these questions came back to the forefront. Jamey DeMyer, a Crossfit SilWar family member, and Bikram Yoga instructor, reached out to me not too long ago, wanting me to photograph her in her studio space while she did a one hour Bikram Yoga series of 26 poses, in her hot, hot, room. Her session was so emotional. I watched her cry, I watched her fail at poses, and then succeed a minute later; the reality of yoga. I even found myself crying at times because of how truly moved I was by this woman. At first, I thought she wanted these for promotional uses. I quickly learned that she actually wanted these for herself; to see what she looks like while she is in her state of mind and during a typical practice. I was absolutely thrilled. She warned me that her studio was far from perfect and that she wasn't necessarily ready for this, but she was, as she often says, "grabbing the bull by the horns, and looking fear in the face". I couldn't admire her more for doing this session. Jamey is the first yoga instructor that I have photographed since I began tackling these questions in regards to modern day yoga. Regular everyday people have reservations about yoga because they don't understand what it really is or what it means to practice yoga. They only know what is shown to them via the fitness world. I am not exactly sure where this project will go, but I know that I want to continue to photograph yoga instructors from all walks of life to help show the many facets of the yoga community. I want to know what yoga means to these people and what it means to teach the practice of yoga, because I sure as hell know that these people don't do it in vain. They, like Jamey, are 100% invested in helping people through the wonderful, spiritual, mindful practice of yoga. 


Enjoy some of the images from Jamey's session.


Carrie Anne


I think the greatest thing that came of studying at MICA was meeting and having the opportunity to live with my roommate, Meiying. I never imagined that my first college roommate would also be my only college roommate. Not everyone is as lucky as I was. It's funny how life happens and how certain people are brought into your life, absolutely unexpectedly. Meiying is one of these souls that I truly am grateful for. I really do believe she will always be a part of my life and who I am as an artist. While in college, she was always there to remind me to open my mind, a little bit more, everyday. She was there through my best days and some of the worst. Workwise, we really were the perfect match (listen to me I sound like i'm talking about my SOUL[train] mate...Meiying, if you're reading this, I hope that made you laugh). But anyways. seriously. We both transferred to MICA from different walks of life. I was so certain of what I wanted to get out of my time there and Meiying was the complete opposite. She came in as an Art History major and I think she changed her major like once every year :p But people like us (two completely extreme opposites) need one another in life, to balance each other out. I helped her maintain focus and she helped me to relax and open myself up to this new journey I was on.

Meiying is just about the only person on earth that I can consistently photograph and always get something different from. These photos are absolutely special to me because this is the first time in over a year that we have collaborated on something, even if just for fun. The best thing about the art we create together is that it starts out generic (i'll photograph you; draw you; paint you; etc) and then turns into something totally unexpected and really pretty fucking awesome. Meiying, being the wonderful yogini that she is, ended up doing some sun salutations and I just photographed her, framed in a tree with the most perfect bit of sun. My favorites are the images where her body and arms are aligned with the tree almost perfectly. Capturing her doing yoga was really awesome because I just so happen to be working on a series of work that touches upon yoga, which I will be revealing soon, on the blog! For Meiying, yoga has always been one of those things that has helped her through some seriously difficult times. She would walk into class feeling one way, and leave feeling almost 100% better. It was always amazing to see.

I just freaking love these images. I took her to this really awesome abandoned farm house that I used to shoot at all the time when I was 17. The whole day and afternoon was just filled with good energy. I obviously had to photograph her in front of said house, too :)

Be on the look out for some medium format film shots of these! I brought along my Hasselblad and am waiting (very impatiently) for the negative scans! 

Also- More importantly, Meiying Thai is an incredible fine artist working out of New York City. Please follow her work!

<Oh. And she snapped a few silly ones of me, so obviously, I shared them, too!>


We hit 1,000 facebook likes! You may think, "big deal, doesn't mean anything..." and I am not saying that I think "facebook likes" validate a person's business, but it is pretty exciting to have gained a strong following since being in North Carolina. It means that my name, my brand, and everything I work and stand for is finally getting somewhere. When I moved here, I had a little over 500 facebook likes. I didn't really have a strong "brand" or a direction, and I made it my goal to change that; to start fresh. To have doubled those "likes" in less than a year, just by focusing on my marketing, making more connections, and gaining more clients, truly feels like an accomplishment. 

I wanted to share with you a recent session of mine that I truly believe represents the new face of Carrie Anne Kelly| Photography. For those of you visiting my site or blog for the first time, welcome! My name is Carrie Anne and I specialize in working with women (& their families). I offer Intimates Sessions, Maternity, Family, and You + Me (Couples) sessions. I love working with women because it's both beautiful and challenging. We are our own worst critics and to help real women overcome their insecurities and ultimately have a hand in  changing their own personal perceptions of themselves...well that's just the most rewarding job in my humble opinion. I am currently based in North Carolina, but I will, as of September, be based out of Annapolis & am currently taking booking there, beginning in October!

The session below was a complete FIRST for me. A Couples Intimates Session. I've photographed plenty of women in their underwear, and plenty of couples, but never a couple in their underwear, as silly as it sounds, hahah. When I received the inquiry for this session, I was sooooo excited. Couples Intimates Sessions are becoming very popular, and I definitely wanted to get one on the books so I could begin advertising and offering them. S + K were a pleasure to work with. I've always said this, and it still stands to be true even with Couples Intimates Sessions: Couples are sooo easy to photograph because they love and enjoy being around one another. It literally is the easiest thing in the world to photograph two people in love. All you have to do is overcome the initial, "HI, you're in front of the camera, but pretend i'm not here" moment, which happens in both Intimates and Weddings alike, and then it's golden. Seriously, this couple is a power couple. Hardworking parents who are each others rock. I think that is pretty evident when you look at these two. When they came by the studio, they were both pretty nervous. K was definitely feeling more anxious than S, but she was still able to convince him to do this! Also- can we just give this man mad props for seriously doing this for his wife? During the session, K's nerves calmed, and it was evident as soon as he looked at his wife. S wanted me to add that K wound up being more relaxed and at ease than she was! I think he was just diggin' his beautiful wife :) We worked through a variety of natural poses, and I photographed all the real, raw, and intimate moments + emotions. 

Couples Intimates Sessions are great. They're great for confident couples, just looking to do something different. They're great for couples looking to spice up their relationship. They're great for literally ANY and ALL couples. People often ask me, "Wait so like...does the couple get naked and you just...take photos?" That's the opposite...the complete opposite! Just like regular Intimates Sessions, both people can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. S + K kept it casual in denim and then a little more intimate in some undies. The session can be exactly how you want it, and will be exactly what you make of it. 

As if I haven't blabbed on enough about these two, please finally enjoy some images from their beautiful and personal Couples Intimates Session. 



Carrie Anne


I love Bailey so much! What else is there to say. I met her my Junior year at MICA. It's actually hilarious how Bailey and I came to meet. Long story short, her brother and my cousin are best buds and I never realized it until that very same year at a Christmas party, my aunt was like "Hey do you know a Bailey Higgins?" and I was like "Uhm yes! She's my new favorite friend!" But anyways. That's how we came to meet and I am truly grateful to know this incredibly beautiful soul. Bailey is an incredibly talented multi-media artist. She majored in photography but her talents are endless and I brag about her ALL THE TIME. She is an incredible illustrator. Her illustrations started to find themselves in screenprinted shirts and BAM F0xpaw was born; this incredible brand designed entirely by miss Bailey. She has recently added handmade jewelry to  F0xpaw that will simply leave.you.breathless. 

Inhale <reminding myself to breathe>

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Bailey to photograph these unique and beautiful pieces for a summer lookbook! I took it upon myself to go the extra step and give her that magazine feel (she doesn't know it yet, but she will soon!) Guhhhh. I am still gushing over her jewelry and man ohhhh mannn!!! These pieces photographed effortlessly. Juliet modeled them  at Topsail Island & we kept the styling simple & sexy and entirely beachy.

 Each piece is intricate, simple, light and feminine, yet edgy all at once. She completely nailed this, guys. These are for all women (AND men!). She keeps each piece unique with subtle hints of crystal, hand painted bone, or lacy fabric, sure to go with any style. They're all free-spirit, all earthy, and can be all yours very soon, babes! 


I hope you enjoy this lookbook as much I as I enjoyed photographing it for Bailey, one of the most badass babes I know! Be sure to check out the entire F0xpaw line over at her etsy shop! Bailey, as I said, specializes in a multitude of artistic mediums and I couldn't be more proud of this babe or her work! 


Carrie Anne


Life Update.

I've recently noticed that artistically, I have been feeling stuck in a rut. For those of you who didn't know, Nick and I are no longer moving to Naples, Italy. It was really upsetting to us both, but I can safely say that it's really impacted me. I was so excited for all of the unique opportunities that would come from spending 3 years living in Europe. I was dreaming of all the amazing things I'd get to do. I don't know. It's hard to understand how it feels until you are in this sort of situation. It's even harder when people are telling you "Everything happens for a reason". It's like, yes it does. but it REALLY SUCKS so please understand my disappointment and leave it be. We had the opportunity in the palm of our hands, and just like that, one Friday afternoon it was gone. I felt so empty. I still feel empty.

Luckily, we did recently find out that we were selected to live in Annapolis, Maryland which was on our list after we were told no Italy. So there is still some light. I'll be close to Baltimore and DC, two really awesome cities. But I don't know man. I've just been in a rut. I've been feeling down about nothing in particular but I noticed lately I lost the motivation to focus on doing what I love, which if you know me, is not me at all. I am a go getter and I don't just wait for opportunities to come to me. I guess as of lately,  you could say I've just been feeling disappointed. The disappointment has had me hating anything I've been doing photographically and just in general. Like I said, I've just been feeling stuck. Stuck in the disappointment and stuck in the unknown that my life has been until about a week ago. I mean who likes to live their life in the dark? Who doesn't like to know what the next 6 months holds? I don't, which is why lately it has been so hard for me to feel excited.

Today, I looked at my timehop app and realized that this time last year, I picked up my cap and gown with some of the greatest photographers I know. It wasn't until today that I realized, wow. I don't deserve to feel like this. I have come so freaking far in just one year. Then, later in the morning, I was getting ready to place a client order and was looking over some of her images and I was like, wow, these are so beautiful and I am just so happy with how they came out. I had always been, but, you know, when you feel down you just kinda shut things out. I haven't really been looking at my work until today. In just a year, I graduated college and moved to Philadelphia then moved to North Carolina. I set up my own in-home studio and have had a steady flow of boudoir clients. I am achieving the things I set out to achieve. All I really need to do is shut the hell up and give myself a hug. I have made connections with incredible people down here, and even though some fell through, and there is much unknown, I am literally doing SOMETHING. I'm making success for myself. I am not waiting for someone to hand it to me. I am making the best of where I am and what I have to work with and that to me is a huge win. 


I just wanted to share this with you, because more often than not, I go through bouts of discouragement. A lot of my colleagues come to me for advice and I always tell them that I struggle everyday just like them. It's hard, no matter how well you think you're doing or how well others think you're doing. The images below rejuvenated me and the work I do. The things I do with my talent impact and help others and that is amazing. It doesn't matter how popular your work is, how many "likes" on facebook you have, or what the fuck ever. If you are helping one person a day, you're living a successful life. On that note, I think I am going to post to facebook a little less. You'll still see images and sneak peaks and announcements, but I don't do what I do to show it off to the world. I'm not doing it to brag or anything. I do it for myself and for my clients. I also need to be living my life NOT through facebook. Kinda cliche but hey, everyone figures this shit out on their own, right?

I know I went on a rant, but I believe it's super important that we all remember that we're all human and it's OKAY to feel lost and confused and even a little depressed. It's how we know we are human and not a robot. I'm not perfect, and neither is my work, but I show up every day ready to help people. 


Sometimes there’s not much to say except, thank you. Seriously. Pulling this session off was a dream come true considering it literally all started when I saw this perfect little black VW bug while driving to the beach a few weeks ago. As I am sure you all know, I put it out to the land of Facebook that I was in search of this exact car, and I had the license plate to validate. Within TEN MINUTES I was connected to the wonderful man and his family who would later agree to allowing a complete crazy and imaginative stranger use their car in a shoot. 


Securing that in and of itself had me walking on cloud 9. So, when Ally of Allyson Wonderland Makeup Artistry and I teamed up for this one, all I had to do was say ’60’s meets 90’s grunge’, and she knew exactly what I meant. And she nailed it. AGAIN.


And then there’s Ashtin. This wonderful, vibrant woman, who came into my life randomly, inquiring about Intimate’s Sessions. It honestly just so happened that she was literally PERFECT for this. I couldn’t believe it when she agreed to model!


As if it couldn’t all go together more perfectly, designer and owner (and dear friend of mine) Bailey Higgins over at F0xpaw had sent me some jewelry to photograph for a summer look book. She designed the most perfect little chokers and bracelets I just HAD to use. How incredible do they look?!


I digress. This shoot far exceeded my expectations and I am so proud of this collaboration and ultimately GRATEFUL for all the kind human beings that participated in this. Just so I could photograph the imagery within my head.




Hair/Makeup: Allyson Wonderland Makeup Artistry

Jewelry: Bailey Higgins 

Floral crowns, yours truly.


Since moving to North Carolina, I have worked so entirely hard at not only promoting my overall photographic business, but promoting my boudoir services as well as creating a studio and office space that would allow my clients to feel safe, comfortable & beautiful. I have strived to offer something less traditional, off the beaten path, so to speak, when it comes to boudoir photography. Sometimes, when starting all over again in a new city, you need to take on as many clients who will hire you, regardless of whether or not they appreciate your individual style and philosophies. Luckily, it wasn't too long before I really could begin to take on the boudoir clients of my choosing; the clients who sought me out specifically because they truly enjoy my shooting style and the beliefs behind why I do what I do. The women who felt compelled to contact me simply to tell me that they completely 100% appreciate what I do, before even working with me. 

All of this success, (yes I am a successful business woman and it is okay to say that!) would not have been possible had I not had a vision of what I wanted my work to look like and what I wanted to offer my clients. It all starts with a vision and creating that "space" for your clients to enter. I may be working out of home and not a fancy, dreamy, luxurious studio space, but you better BELIEVE I am using this an opportunity to challenge myself; not make excuses & give up. It was hard moving to another city and state, completely different than where I am from, and essentially starting over. It was hard seeing this empty spare bedroom and envisioning the possibilities of what this space could evolve to. But, instead of dwelling, I just did it. It didn't happen overnight, but it happened, and is continuing to happen everyday. First to change was the space. Then, as I grew more comfortable shooting in this space, I was able to play and experiment with my style of shooting. Then, I realized, well, if all these other important things are changing, my sessions need to change as well. The name needs to reflect what it is that I offer. It was then that Intimates Sessions came to be. 

Like i've said many times, 'Boudoir' is an outdated term. It is a blanket term that still exists because we photographers still choose to use it! We need to stop, and offer our clients something BETTER. I still use the term Boudoir when speaking with clients because it is all they know, but I no longer offer Boudoir Sessions. I offer Intimates Sessions ;) !!

Intimates Sessions are exactly what they state; intimate sessions. These will still have the same feel as a boudoir session, but they are not traditional boudoir. So you may be asking, who can book an Intimates Session & why? EVERYONE AND ANYONE can book an Intimates Session, regardless of age and body type. So, yes, that means YOU!! You may be booking an Intimates Session for your man, your woman, WHOEVER, but you are also booking this for yourself. You want beautiful, naturally lit, raw images of you in all your glory. You want the full experience of a gorgeous naturally lit, private studio space + all the fun that comes with booking a full Collection. You might decide to wear a gorgeous piece of lacy lingerie or you might keep it casual in a knit sweater and simple undies and if you don't know, that's where I step in, to offer expert styling advice. You will be working EVERYTHING you have and you will be smiling, laughing, and completely feeling yourself the entire session. I am there to guide you in posing, but I promise, you will literally take over within 5 minutes, you will be feeling THAT good. I will be capturing all of this. The details, the smiles, the motion, the shadows + light, the curves, and those calm moments where you finally feel at ease. When all is said and done, you will look at the images from your Intimates Session and think, "Oh my god, that is me.", and I'll be like, "Yeah, duh!" :) 

If that little description didn't convince you that Intimates Sessions are for you, YES YOU, then take a look at this stylized session I did with a good friend of mine. 

Enjoy and I am expecting to hear from you my loves! Book that Intimates Session, already. Life is too, too short. 


Carrie Anne 


We live in an age where we no longer take photos with film cameras, where we then make prints and keep them safely in photo albums to look back on. We don't even make albums with digital images, unless its a facebook album. If you're like me, you take 99.9% of your daily photos with your cell phone. This is REALLY SAD. From time to time I think about how sad it is that all these images from awesome moments of my life, don't actually exist as tangible photographs. In addition, I realized that I hardly have any decent photos of Nick, let alone any photos from things we do together often, like going on walks. I am a photographer. I take photos for a LIVING and I am just now realizing this. HOW SAD AND AWKWARD. Time to end that!

Nick and I  went on a walk this evening and I brought my camera. I wanted to take some portraits of him and it just so happened I took photos as we walked. This sounds sooooo simplistic and like, "DUH CARRIE ANNE, you had your camera, of course you used it...what is your point?!?!" but seriously. When you take photos of other people for a living, you kind of forget that you need to be taking photos of things going on in your own life, too. And when you work in a studio, you kind of forget to bring your camera out into the real world.

Since I blog on here often, & we do live in an age of digital albums, I figured I'd share a snippet of this evening's walk with you all. This is nothing special, but it really is at the same time. This is a memory that I now can look back on and it is the start of something new that I will make a point of doing as often as possible. Being a photographer means yes, taking photos of other people to make a living, but I really need to continue living and document my own life. 


I also plan on helping Nick become a better photographer ;) 


I am literally freaking OBSESSED with my new logo!! 

I minored in design and have always gone about designing my own watermarks and logos and I kid you not, always using Didot, my go-to typeface. I mean it's gorgeous and I still use it! BUT, I have been seeing more and more the beauty that is hand-lettered logos and signatures. If only my hand could create such elegant gestures?!!? Heck no. I was always reluctant to reach out and let a pro do it because I do know typography and the elements of design, and should be able to do it myself, but ya know what? Why not hire someone who is an expert? Practicing what I preach, eh?

So, I reached out to several designers who specialized in hand-lettering, but even their work seemed so cliche and unoriginal. Long story short, I ended up using artist/designer Jillian Adel. She was referred to me by my friend Ryan Martin (hey Ryan!! Thanks!!) and It was honestly the best thing that could have happened. Her work is edgy yet feminine, loud but soft all at the same time. These are all words that I think sum up my own work in a way. So, I knew I really wanted her to design my logo. 

I sent her an email, immediately, explaining my conundrum of a logo and how I really wanted something unique that would really help clients gain a sense of who I am. She understood immediately, and had already looked through my work. We agreed that what I had wasn't bad, but it didn't shout from the mountain tops who I am, my style, and my philosophies as a photographer. Your logo should be your brand rep. It should give your client's a sense of who you are before they even meet you. All of these things I knew from minoring in design, but they slipped through the cracks and when Jillian sent her response, a big ol' light bulb went off in my head and I was like DUHHHHHH!!!

Everything about working with Jillian was FANTASTIC. She was quick to respond, thorough, well articulated and went above and beyond for my little old logo. She sent me 5 different logos to choose from and let me tell you, I had the most difficult time choosing. I couldn't decide. I showed several artists and non-artists and finally narrowed it down to the one I chose. Its everything I wanted; bold, edgy, feminine, light and SO entirely MEEEE. Finally! A great, beautiful logo with which I will really begin rebranding myself. Thanks so much Jillian!

Check it out in action below!!!


I am in loveeeee!!!! <3