When I originally decided I wanted to become a professional photographer, I was 100% interested in becoming a fashion photographer. I was convinced that I wanted to shoot editorials, covers for all the major magazines, etc, etc. Now, 6 years later I wouldn't say that I NEVER want to work in fashion- there are some areas I am still looking to get into plus, never say never! But, the woman I have grown to be has ultimately impacted the photographer I have grown to be. And let's just say I am more interested in working with people. I still love working with professional models, however, when I do so, I prefer photographing them in a more subtle, natural way, that speaks to who they are inside. I enjoy photographing models as people, rather than models.

Claire is a professional model, photographer, and just an all around awesome woman! I graduated from Antonelli Institute with her and she is one of many from my class that has gone on to do exceptional things. She is currently represented by Wilhelmina Models, Philadelphia. I worked with her on my series, Model Themselves, where I photographed Claire, among many other professional models, and worked with them to gain a better understanding of who they actually are as people, vs what the industry or myself, as a photographer wants them to be during a shoot. Anyways- Claire came to me right before I moved to North Carolina, needing some updated photographs for her Wilhelmina portfolio. I was so happy because I knew she came to me because she knew I would capture her in a state that truly represents who she is. Needless to say, I am totally in love with this session. We shot quickly, because thats how we work, and the images are some of my favorites. I also shot a short little video of her modeling which I LOVE. Check it out and leave some love!  How about that last one? She is such a cutie! 

Carrie Anne Kelly