Since moving to Jacksonville, NC, I have had the amazing opportunity to transform our second bedroom into my own little sanctuary and workspace- aka my studio! I finally have a place to work and call my own. Its taken quite a bit of time & money to get it to the place it is at now. I've traveled far and wide in search of various antique items, some of which I am still looking for! All in all, it is exactly how I want it; though, I am never COMPLETELY know, it can always be better. But, I am photographing clients in it regularly and loving every minute of it. It has become a little safe haven for the women I photograph and I really believe you can see their ease and comfort through their images. Anyways- long story short, that's great and all, but I have now become restless and needed to change it up and shoot from different angles and move things around. I had a day off today, from literally, crossfit, the house was clean, didn't have a complex paleo dinner to I decided why not just have a go at photographing myself? Sometimes it works out, other times, it doesn't (it is so hard to take a photo of yourself believe it or not!). Today, the photo fairies (yes, photo fairies- believe in them, and they will serve you) were with me and I shot away! I was digging the dark lighting from the overcast & dreary day. I was really into the dark greens from my chair (that I will now use in my studio!) and the deep pinks from the new bra/cami I bought. Everything was just flowing. I am so happy I took the time to really SIT in my studio and put myself in the place that my clients have been in or will be in. Sometimes, we are our best source of inspiration. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves where the other person will be in order to understand what the space is. All I know, is so much good came from doing this. The photos below will serve as my inspiration for my next client's session. Enjoy!

Carrie Anne Kelly