Here's why I love collaborating with Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer, Cheyenne Gil.

Let's get straight to the point here ladies and gents! I have my photos taken a lot... A LOT. Some people may think its narcissistic or snobby, others may think its bold, but I love it and happen to think its really important to have photos taken of yourself and to take photos of others. Obviously, as a photographer, I mean this in terms of photographing others professionally, but for anyone, I truly believe that taking tons of cell phone photos, buying a disposable camera, or even taking ridiculous amounts of selfies is important, too. I know that may sound absurd, and not to sound cliche or jaded, but we are only young once. I am so glad that as I get older and older, I will have all of these wonderful images to look back and remind me of my youth when it is no longer apparent on the outside. And what's better than the photographs? The memories that I associate with each and every one.

Cheyenne has photographed me on days where I felt both 100% confident and not so 100% confident. And on the days I wasn't feeling too shabby, I am glad I made myself get through it anyways. Why? Because now that I look back, I can't even remember that yucky feeling anymore. All I see are photographs that I appreciate of myself. As a photographer, I am so happy I can give that gift to others, especially people who appreciate it. This is why I love collaborating with Cheyenne Gil. We share the same philosophy, yet we shoot very differently..and it's awesome. I am not making this post to endorse both Cheyenne and myself, or to pressure you to book a session with either of us. I am writing it because I can honestly say this is why I do what I do. And it is even better that I have found a photographer who can offer that same experience to me. I can speak on behald of both Cheyenne and myself when I say, It is an honor to have the ability to give people the opportunity to cherish and remember the way they feel now, 20 years from now, through photographs. I have so many photos of myself as a child, and I want just as many of myself now. We take for granted what photographs can do for us years from now. Not to go on a rant, but I once watched a documentary of an Amish girl, in her twenties, and she had NO photos of her ever. She couldn't remember what she looked like when she was 10, let alone when she was a baby. That made me so sad.

Anyways- To bring this back around, I was just saying the other day that I can't wait until I am 80 years old and can look back at all of these photos and remember how awesome I felt about myself, no matter how I looked or what I might have felt that day. Here's to never having too many photos of ones self OR the people you love! Take photos of all that you love, even if that means yourself. Don't ever feel ashamed of feeling so good about yourself that you want to take a photo and share it with everyone.  

Here are {some} images of both Cheyenne and I from our recent collab together. I freaking love this girl to the moon and back and am so grateful for every shoot we've had, but this one is by far, my fave. Un-retouched, by the way, because it's the way I roll, and she's perfect the way she is!


I will be making trips home from NC simply to collab with her, and she is welcome in my home down south anytime. <3