I had an amazing opportunity to road trip for a week down south with my mom! The end goal was New Orleans (coming in a separate blog post), but we hit cities like Johnson City, TN, Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, and saw parts of Mississippi as well. The images below may look like a whole lotta nothin', but to me, this is the best part of America. All of the empty land and roads to no where are what interests me most, right now. 

All I did was take photos and video of everything I saw. To most, its the land of nothingness, and is very uninteresting. To me, I find it absolutely breathtaking and intriguing. America is my home, and I can't believe there are so many places and people I have not seen. Everyone is obsessed with traveling abroad. Yeah, me too, but I am more interested in the home front. 


Enjoy my explorations :)

Carrie Anne Kelly