Trip to Upstate NY- Photographing Serena & working with Lexi Damico, Makeup Artist

I had the absolute BEST time collaborating with my all time favorite makeup artist and dear friend, Lexi Damico. I took the weekend in mid August to drive up and partake in an amazing photo shoot adventure, followed by a stuffing our faces with sushi adventure... but that's besides the point. Anyways, Upstate New York is home to many, many, abandoned locations just calling my name! Lexi and I have been wanting to utilize her makeup artistry and my photography to create images that are inspired by Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty Line. Lexi used makeup specifically from her Flower Beauty line, and we kept it light, dreamy, and of course, gushing with beautiful daylight, as it is really fitting to Drew's style. We worked with two models, and below you will see images from the time spent working with Serena. Believe it or not, this was her first time modeling and she nailed it. Less is more when it comes to modeling, in my humble opinion. Also- how cool is this abandoned psychiatric hospital? We photographed at the Middletown Psychiatric Center in Middletown, NY. I could have explored for hours and hours on end. Anyways- that's for another blog post. Serena killed it, Lexi nailed it, and I was there to document it all. Love this session! Enjoy!


Please see more of Lexi Damico's work here:


Carrie Anne Kelly