Katie, My Very First North Carolina Client

This session will forever be near and dear to me, for many reasons. Katie, one of THE sweetest, kindest, most intelligent women I've met since being down here,  whom is married to a Marine, came to me in November looking to book her very first boudoir session to give as a gift to her husband for Christmas. He would be leaving for a very long time and she wanted to send him away with a piece of her; stunning photographs, printed in a beautiful album, that captured her, just as she is, in all her elegance and beauty. We met for a coffee & what I thought would just be an hour long consultation. She asked questions and I went on and on about how amazing she'd feel after her session- ya know, the basics. I asked her what she liked about my work and why she wanted to book me, and her answer was so touching and insightful. She said, "I love how your work is so light and airy. All of the women you photograph glow. This is how my relationship with my husband is and I want my him to think of our relationship when he sees these images". BAM. I knew she was my type of client & friend. How incredibly genuine was that answer!? We ended up talking for over an hour - not about the session - and I ended up running errands with her. Long story short, its very rare to meet souls like Katie in this town. I left feeling so freaking excited that this awesome girl would be my first ever client in my new in-home studio space. 

The session day came, and like all of my clients, she was nervous. That feeling quickly left, and as you can see from the images below, she exuded confidence and was all smiles. When she would get nervous, I simply reminded her why she was doing this and to think of her husband...and she did. And she smiled all over again. This is what I live for. Helping women feel strong and confident through all types of portraiture.

Katie's session is so special to me. She was my very first client down here & taught me something even more valuable about the importance of what I do. MY boudoir sessions are about you and the person you are giving the images to. It's not necessarily about what you wear, though, in Katie's case she rocked her husbands white button up. It's not about your hair or makeup. It's not materialistic or superficial. It's genuine, honest, & full of emotion. It's simply about you, in this moment, as you are. It's about the person you love. 


Katie, good luck in all that you do, and I cannot wait until our paths cross again!