Hi guys! I can't believe its been a month (almost) since I have blogged last. Notttttt goood! That's how you know life has been a whirlwind! I recently started working full time at an e-commerce photo studio in Baltimore, and its awesome! I completed my first week as a full timer, and now that I am finally in my groove, I can put the focus back into doing what I love; my business.

In the midst of all of this craziness, I had my first Intimates Session in my new studio space! Sam and I go pretty far back, as she was one of my managers when we both worked at Urban Outfitters. Sam is awesome. She left the comfort of working full time for Urban, to explore her passion, and began volunteering/interning at a wildlife reserve. She is definitely an inspiration to me! I was so thrilled when she came to me wanting to give boudoir a try! Not only did I want to show off my new studio in all its glory (because I have worked SO hard on building it from basically a boring spare bedroom), but I wanted to style this session in a way that shows that boudoir doesn't have to be frilly, expensive lingerie. It really can be as simple as cozy sweaters while holding your most delicious cup of coffee! Sam killed it and left feeling so confident. That's what boudoir does ladies. I can't say it enough! So, if I've convinced you to come and check out both boudoir and my new studio, you're in luck! There is still a spot open for Saturday, November 14th's mini Intimates Sessions! Shoot me email ( and we will get you on the books! 

Boudoir is a lifechanger ladies. Don't think for a second you're not good enough to experience something like this, because YOU ARE. Every woman in this entire world deserves to love  themselves for all that they are. You deserve to rock every roll, your knobby knees, your freckles, EVERYTHING. Let's follow in the footsteps of these brave women I have photographed and keep the trend going. It's never too late to appreciate yourself for all that you are. 


Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly