Hey guys! So, where to even begin...

Jennifer + Trevor came to me in early October looking to book their engagement session near their South Philly home. They just moved here from California and were really looking to incorporate their new home as a part of their images, since it is such a big part of this next journey in their lives; marriage! I obviously said YES and couldn't wait to meet the two of them. Jennifer has this personality that I could just tell through our email interactions, we would have a lot in common. She definitely seemed like someone I had already known! We spent a Sunday evening strolling around South Philly- of course after sipping some incredible California wine on their INCREDIBLE rooftop. We approached their engagement session like I always like to approach city engagements; with no agenda, just looking for picture perfect moments that speak to the couple. We had an absolute blast. It really felt like I was catching up with old friends, and not photographing two people whom I had never met before! Anywho- they're tying the knot in their hometown, San Francisco, and I honestly assumed they'd already found a wedding photographer. So a week later, when they asked me if I'd even be interested in photographing their California wedding, I was like, "UHM YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!". 

I am so frrrrrrrrreaking excited to say I am booked for my first ever destination wedding in the beautiful state of California with one of the most incredible couples I have ever met! I'm bringing along my best friend (Nick <---- incase you didnt already assume that) and we are planning on driving down the coast for a week, ultimately ending up in San Diego! The trip is in the very early stages of planning, as Jen, Trevor and I just confirmed this all yesterday, but for all my fellow travelers- if you have any suggestions on MUST SEE places and MUST EAT places/craft breweries, speak up! I've done the drive down Hwy 1 before, and would love to stop and see some new sites! 

I am just so excited and honored to be traveling across the country to document this beautiful couple's wedding in July! For now, enjoy some of my favorite shots from their South Philly engagement session!




Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly