So. As you all know, my beauty & boudoir studio is VERY much always a work in progress. I am always thinking of innovative, inexpensive ways to make it that gorgeous safe-haven for all the women who enter. I want it to be a space that inspires my clients to get excited and think differently about boudoir! I do not shoot boudoir in the traditional sense, as you all know by now :)

 Yesterday, I went out in search for anything that would catch my eye; decorative pillows, a new comforter, new vases, etc., etc. What I was not expecting to find was this gorgeous ceiling to floor canopy. I immediately snatched it up and raced home to install it. For those of you who know me, I am so impatient when it comes to putting things together. I literally tried to do this without a ladder (piling books onto my chairs praying I wouldn't fall) and without a drill. Needless to say, I was defeated, so back out I went for a new power drill and new ladder, both of which I needed anyways. It was up within the hour and I am so friggin' stoked for all the upcoming boudoir sessions!!!

I will be photographing a friend in the space later this week (yes!) to really showcase the space, but being the impatient woman  I am, and also because I believe in sitting in your own studio space as a model to truly understand it, I decided to hop in front of the camera and snap some photos. I cant even. The canopy and the way it impacted the overall lighting and feel immediately upped my own confidence, so I can't even imagine how this will help all my future ladies.

I personally wanna thank my fellow photog. BFF and gal pal Cheyenne Gil for always inspiring me with her #SELFLOVEMONDAY posts. She's always taking badass selfies and telling it like it is and she inspires me to hop in front of my camera more. Thanks Chey! <3 You truly inspire me!

Now, for all of you sitting here reading this, thinking (just thinking!) about booking your first, second, or millionth boudoir session, LET'S DO THIS. Come hang out and get the confidence boost you deserve. 

Carrie Anne Kelly