I feel like I always start off my blog posts with "What is there to say about _____________?" but seriously, this family. Let me preface this by saying Amy is one of the kindest, sweetest women I have had the opportunity of meeting since being down here. Like most, she found me via social media and emailed me immediately to set up a family session as well as to see if I would be interested in doing any collabs. She specializes in event planning, but knows how to work a camera as well, so I know her and I will be hitting the beach very soon for some spontaneous shooting! Can anyone say new headshots? ;)

So yeah, Amy is awesome and then I met her family; her husband Steve and her incredibly vivacious 3 boys. Ugh. She told me her boys would be a handful, and yes, they were running around as most little boys do but they were so cute, polite, and so easy to work with. I always joke with people when they ask if I do family sessions, because I don't often advertise it, and I always say "Of course I do, families are the easiest to work with. They all want to be there and love each other, so I don't really have to do much aside from slight guidance with posing. It's easy work!". But seriously, this fam LOVES each other. I only worked with them for an hour, but I could have kept going. Smiles, after smiles and just laughing and kisses on the cheek...I can't. They were awesome to work with!

So we get it, their session was awesome and the images came out terrific. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Really though, everyone needs a lifestyle family session. I call it "lifestyle" because, even though we will do some standard posed family photos, I strive to create real memories with my clients and document those right then and there. During this session, we took a walk to this gorgeous dock right down the street from them. Sometimes they go there to get out and go on a family walk, sometimes they go fishing. This time, they were walking and I was snapping away. I wanted to capture them doing the things they do everyday. Raw, real, moments that will feel familiar to them when they look through the images. I wanted to help them create a memory that when looking at the photos, they can feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they'll remember that these weren't just "family photos". This was something they all did together that is now a memory and they can cherish and remember it for literally ever. 

I can't wait to do something like this before I move to Italy with my mom and sister. We don't have enough of them. We have so many photos from when we were little, but what about now? I would literally hire someone to take photos of us just going on a walk with Sadie because those are the times I hold close to me now while living far away. The simple things. The things we do because we love each other. Know what I mean?

Anyways, enough, enough, enjoy their sweet little family session. I love it!

Carrie Anne Kelly