Buongiorno Naples, Italy!

It's true. I am moving...to Naples, Italy! Well, Nick and I are moving. :)

Pause. Freak out. Deep breaths. (whew)


I have been contemplating on when would be the right time to drop the epic news. I have known for a little under a week.

Rewind- Today I photographed an awesome young woman who offered  herself up as well as her story to be photographed in some outdoor boudoir I am doing. This was her first time doing any sort of modeling let alone, boudoir. Then, as if that wasn't enough, makeup artist Ally Voshell and I took her to the beach and had her model in her undies by the water! It sounds terrifying, and I am sure at first she was nervous, but she did it. She took that huge fearless leap out of her comfort zone and went with it and trusted both Ally and myself to help her feel just as gorgeous as she is. She went with the flow and wound up loving every minute of it. I am so glad the universe connected Ally, Jennifer, and I. 

Fast forward- Naples, Italy is a dream come true. Nick and I have been talking about this for quite some time now and to know it's a reality is like...HUGE. And SO exciting! At the same time, its completely terrifying! A new country, with a language I don't speak and a different way of life, for like 3 years. Holy crap. I mean, millions of "what ifs" went through my mind and continue to do so. But ya know what? Screw the "what ifs" and the worries. I mean they will always be there, but that doesn't mean I have to listen! This is the time in my life to let life take me where it will. I need to take my own fearless leap out of my comfort zone and trust that what will be, will be and it will happen exactly as it was intended to. This is my chance to explore the world, see even more countries, eat even more foods and indulge in different cultures. What 24 year old can say that in a years time they will be living in Naples, Italy? Not many. This is any young persons' and any photographers' dream. I can't wait to see what is in store for not only myself, but for Nick, and well as the both of us. 

So anyways, there's the news! We tentatively leave in October of 2015. So, if you're important to me, I am declaring right here right now that I must see you at least once before I leave. Truth be told, Nick and I won't be making "weekend trips home" once over there.  

Here's to leaving North Carolina (a place I have grown to love & call home) and my super home Pennsylvania, with so much love in my heart and hope and excitement for future adventures. In the meantime, I better get my butt exploring and photographing as much as possible while down here. :) Also, I better make my way home more often to give that Sadie girl all my love. I am going to miss her more than anything.


Carrie Anne Kelly