A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed to focus my energy on seeing as many places and meeting as many badass ladies while in North Carolina. I knew I'd be moving in October, and needed an excuse to get out there in the world, out of my studio, and just shoot! I decided that something I missed doing was shooting outdoor boudoir. Before I moved down here, I had no studio space to shoot in. I would either go to my client's homes or photograph them on location. Outdoor boudoir is something that I really love shooting. The unknown of it is something I really love. Anything can happen, and it can all work to your advantage. Shooting outside teaches you to have an open mind and embrace even the tiniest details. Nature is a beautiful thing and I find a lot of my inspiration just looking out my window every morning as the sun rises. 

I decided that I would do a call for models in North Carolina. I use the world "model" lightly because you by no means have to be a model in order to be a part of this, in fact, i'd prefer if you have no prior experience in front of the camera! So, I put it out there for the world, and man, the responses were overwhelming. I couldn't even respond to everyone in one day. Needless to say, I chose about 5 women, so far, that wrote to me and really stuck in my head. Jennifer, was one of those awesome women. She was so sweet and genuine throughout her email and well, here I'll let you read it yourselves :)  :


I saw your post on facebook and it immediately grabbed my attention. I read the whole thing then went to your website to look through your work and they are so beautiful. I've never done anything or even thought about doing something like this before because I never felt 100% about myself or my body. This year I really wanted to change that perspective and just started a healthy lifestyle while surrounding myself with good energy. Even so I still have a huge insecurity that I would like to overcome, these bruise like marks on my legs that are permanent. It would be nice to be able to wear shorts this summer without feeling like that's the only thing people can see. This shoot I feel like would be an empowering experience for me to overcome that fear. I would love to work with you and look as beautiful as you made these women."

Overcome that fear, she did. She took the plunge, with a couple of complete strangers, and she did it for herself. :) This girl was all smiles and laughing the entire time. She was absolutely radiant. 

This is what I am talking about. Giving everyday women the opportunity to team up with Ally Voshell and myself to feel completely incredible and yet remain 100% themselves. Even if it means calling out to the universe in order to help some pretty rad women. I am so grateful to do what I do and have the opportunity to help uplift other women. It's the bomb. We all have insecurities, we all have fears. Let me help you get over all of that because you deserve to be free and live life like a damn boss.


Makeup and hair by the incredible Ally Voshel of Allyson Wonderland Makeup Artistry, as usual :)


Carrie Anne Kelly