The best thing about moving to a new city & state has been all the exploring I get to do in my free time (which is very limited lately). A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling so well. I was missing home, kinda disappointed in whatever the heck happened that day and I was literally wallowing. Wasting precious, precious time in my life choosing to stay stuck in the negative. Then, because I am restless, I decided to get in my car and drive to Indian Beach. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the beach. I'd build a little hut and live there if I could. Most people hate sand, but I love it. I love the water. I love how tired you feel from a day at the beach. Basically, I love everything about it. So off I went, with no expectations. I just spent the afternoon exploring alone. It was about the best therapy you could ask for. Unexpectedly, I fell in love and knew I had to shoot there.

My dear friend Juliet has basically become my muse since living down here.  We photographers always have that one person in life who is always available to hop in front of the camera and allow us to get that creative energy out. That's Juliet; she's always down for anything. She's moving soon and it's making me so sad! So, of course Juliet came along for this. There was something so "untouched" about Indian Beach. It felt so natural and unscathed. It also had this feeling of freedom, like you couldn't claim it as your own.  I dont know. I journaled while I was there about how I felt and that's what I came up with, word-wise. I knew that I wanted to shoot something here that sort of reflected that feeling. I decided to take this stylized beach boudoir session in a gypsy, bohemian direction. Simple garments with lots of intentional jewelry. Lot's of movement and emotion. Luckily, Juliet is a complete natural and she nailed every minute of it. Might I add, it was 75 degrees when we left Jacksonville and by the time we made it to Indian Beach, it had dropped to 56 degrees with IMMENSE fog and mist and wind. It was chilly, but it was a blessing in disguise. And I should've known, you can't expect anything out of Indian Beach, as it does its own thing :) 

It completely worked in our favor though. I thought I had wanted a bright sun drenched beach, but man, I was wrong. I will be coming back to Indian Beach to shoot as much as possible. How could I not!? 

Boudoir can be anything you want, ladies, as long as you are loving yourself every damn minute of it. I hope these stylized sessions can show you all the possibilities! 



Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly