Ughhh Courtney! Ayyyyyy. She has one of the most classic faces I've ever seen, and when she adds a few curlers to her hair, a touch of pink to her cheeks, and a bit of color to her lips, she is the spitting image of old, old hollywood glamour. Surrrrrsiously. Woah.

I have known Courtney a little over a year now, as she lives down here in Jacksonville, as well. Numerous times, I have tried to photograph her, but plans always fell through! Needless to say, she finally came to the studio, which conveniently happens to be going in a "20's/30's Parisian parlour" direction (if that's a thing) , and so we obviously styled her accordingly; vintage galore. Obviously. The studio was gushing with light, but I have come to find little areas where ohhh my goodness the shadows and absence of light is too good to be true. It just worked so naturally. She modeled two pink robes, one of which is made of beautiful afghan silk that her husband brought back from Afghanistan for her. Courtney and I both had the same vision in mind; delicate, feminine, airy, pinks with florals, and gold. We accessorized her with vintage jewelry that has been in her family for years. It couldn't have been more perfect.

She's has tons of experience modeling pin-up style for various photographer's in the area. Keeping all that in mind, I knew I wanted to take it in the direction that made sense for me and my style of photographing. Her session celebrated who she is and the things she loves. Together, we created her perfect, vintage, pin-up inspired boudoir session. Ladies, let this collection of images serve as a perfect example of what taking your boudoir session in a more stylized direction can do for you! I am all about lying around in cozy knit sweaters and undies, but seriously, if you've got ideas, I wanna hear 'em! 


Also...that canopy, though. Dreamy, anyone!?

And how about those moments where the light completely vanished? I live for that. 

Book your session and come lay around and feel like the goddess you are. Celebrate who you are at this moment and learn to LOVE yourself. Do it! I dare ya! :)


Meanwhile, enjoy this gorgeous woman!

Carrie Anne Kelly