I am literally freaking OBSESSED with my new logo!! 

I minored in design and have always gone about designing my own watermarks and logos and I kid you not, always using Didot, my go-to typeface. I mean it's gorgeous and I still use it! BUT, I have been seeing more and more the beauty that is hand-lettered logos and signatures. If only my hand could create such elegant gestures?!!? Heck no. I was always reluctant to reach out and let a pro do it because I do know typography and the elements of design, and should be able to do it myself, but ya know what? Why not hire someone who is an expert? Practicing what I preach, eh?

So, I reached out to several designers who specialized in hand-lettering, but even their work seemed so cliche and unoriginal. Long story short, I ended up using artist/designer Jillian Adel. She was referred to me by my friend Ryan Martin (hey Ryan!! Thanks!!) and It was honestly the best thing that could have happened. Her work is edgy yet feminine, loud but soft all at the same time. These are all words that I think sum up my own work in a way. So, I knew I really wanted her to design my logo. 

I sent her an email, immediately, explaining my conundrum of a logo and how I really wanted something unique that would really help clients gain a sense of who I am. She understood immediately, and had already looked through my work. We agreed that what I had wasn't bad, but it didn't shout from the mountain tops who I am, my style, and my philosophies as a photographer. Your logo should be your brand rep. It should give your client's a sense of who you are before they even meet you. All of these things I knew from minoring in design, but they slipped through the cracks and when Jillian sent her response, a big ol' light bulb went off in my head and I was like DUHHHHHH!!!

Everything about working with Jillian was FANTASTIC. She was quick to respond, thorough, well articulated and went above and beyond for my little old logo. She sent me 5 different logos to choose from and let me tell you, I had the most difficult time choosing. I couldn't decide. I showed several artists and non-artists and finally narrowed it down to the one I chose. Its everything I wanted; bold, edgy, feminine, light and SO entirely MEEEE. Finally! A great, beautiful logo with which I will really begin rebranding myself. Thanks so much Jillian!

Check it out in action below!!!


I am in loveeeee!!!! <3

Carrie Anne Kelly