We live in an age where we no longer take photos with film cameras, where we then make prints and keep them safely in photo albums to look back on. We don't even make albums with digital images, unless its a facebook album. If you're like me, you take 99.9% of your daily photos with your cell phone. This is REALLY SAD. From time to time I think about how sad it is that all these images from awesome moments of my life, don't actually exist as tangible photographs. In addition, I realized that I hardly have any decent photos of Nick, let alone any photos from things we do together often, like going on walks. I am a photographer. I take photos for a LIVING and I am just now realizing this. HOW SAD AND AWKWARD. Time to end that!

Nick and I  went on a walk this evening and I brought my camera. I wanted to take some portraits of him and it just so happened I took photos as we walked. This sounds sooooo simplistic and like, "DUH CARRIE ANNE, you had your camera, of course you used it...what is your point?!?!" but seriously. When you take photos of other people for a living, you kind of forget that you need to be taking photos of things going on in your own life, too. And when you work in a studio, you kind of forget to bring your camera out into the real world.

Since I blog on here often, & we do live in an age of digital albums, I figured I'd share a snippet of this evening's walk with you all. This is nothing special, but it really is at the same time. This is a memory that I now can look back on and it is the start of something new that I will make a point of doing as often as possible. Being a photographer means yes, taking photos of other people to make a living, but I really need to continue living and document my own life. 


I also plan on helping Nick become a better photographer ;) 

Carrie Anne Kelly