Since moving to North Carolina, I have worked so entirely hard at not only promoting my overall photographic business, but promoting my boudoir services as well as creating a studio and office space that would allow my clients to feel safe, comfortable & beautiful. I have strived to offer something less traditional, off the beaten path, so to speak, when it comes to boudoir photography. Sometimes, when starting all over again in a new city, you need to take on as many clients who will hire you, regardless of whether or not they appreciate your individual style and philosophies. Luckily, it wasn't too long before I really could begin to take on the boudoir clients of my choosing; the clients who sought me out specifically because they truly enjoy my shooting style and the beliefs behind why I do what I do. The women who felt compelled to contact me simply to tell me that they completely 100% appreciate what I do, before even working with me. 

All of this success, (yes I am a successful business woman and it is okay to say that!) would not have been possible had I not had a vision of what I wanted my work to look like and what I wanted to offer my clients. It all starts with a vision and creating that "space" for your clients to enter. I may be working out of home and not a fancy, dreamy, luxurious studio space, but you better BELIEVE I am using this an opportunity to challenge myself; not make excuses & give up. It was hard moving to another city and state, completely different than where I am from, and essentially starting over. It was hard seeing this empty spare bedroom and envisioning the possibilities of what this space could evolve to. But, instead of dwelling, I just did it. It didn't happen overnight, but it happened, and is continuing to happen everyday. First to change was the space. Then, as I grew more comfortable shooting in this space, I was able to play and experiment with my style of shooting. Then, I realized, well, if all these other important things are changing, my sessions need to change as well. The name needs to reflect what it is that I offer. It was then that Intimates Sessions came to be. 

Like i've said many times, 'Boudoir' is an outdated term. It is a blanket term that still exists because we photographers still choose to use it! We need to stop, and offer our clients something BETTER. I still use the term Boudoir when speaking with clients because it is all they know, but I no longer offer Boudoir Sessions. I offer Intimates Sessions ;) !!

Intimates Sessions are exactly what they state; intimate sessions. These will still have the same feel as a boudoir session, but they are not traditional boudoir. So you may be asking, who can book an Intimates Session & why? EVERYONE AND ANYONE can book an Intimates Session, regardless of age and body type. So, yes, that means YOU!! You may be booking an Intimates Session for your man, your woman, WHOEVER, but you are also booking this for yourself. You want beautiful, naturally lit, raw images of you in all your glory. You want the full experience of a gorgeous naturally lit, private studio space + all the fun that comes with booking a full Collection. You might decide to wear a gorgeous piece of lacy lingerie or you might keep it casual in a knit sweater and simple undies and if you don't know, that's where I step in, to offer expert styling advice. You will be working EVERYTHING you have and you will be smiling, laughing, and completely feeling yourself the entire session. I am there to guide you in posing, but I promise, you will literally take over within 5 minutes, you will be feeling THAT good. I will be capturing all of this. The details, the smiles, the motion, the shadows + light, the curves, and those calm moments where you finally feel at ease. When all is said and done, you will look at the images from your Intimates Session and think, "Oh my god, that is me.", and I'll be like, "Yeah, duh!" :) 

If that little description didn't convince you that Intimates Sessions are for you, YES YOU, then take a look at this stylized session I did with a good friend of mine. 

Enjoy and I am expecting to hear from you my loves! Book that Intimates Session, already. Life is too, too short. 


Carrie Anne 

Carrie Anne Kelly