Sometimes there’s not much to say except, thank you. Seriously. Pulling this session off was a dream come true considering it literally all started when I saw this perfect little black VW bug while driving to the beach a few weeks ago. As I am sure you all know, I put it out to the land of Facebook that I was in search of this exact car, and I had the license plate to validate. Within TEN MINUTES I was connected to the wonderful man and his family who would later agree to allowing a complete crazy and imaginative stranger use their car in a shoot. 


Securing that in and of itself had me walking on cloud 9. So, when Ally of Allyson Wonderland Makeup Artistry and I teamed up for this one, all I had to do was say ’60’s meets 90’s grunge’, and she knew exactly what I meant. And she nailed it. AGAIN.


And then there’s Ashtin. This wonderful, vibrant woman, who came into my life randomly, inquiring about Intimate’s Sessions. It honestly just so happened that she was literally PERFECT for this. I couldn’t believe it when she agreed to model!


As if it couldn’t all go together more perfectly, designer and owner (and dear friend of mine) Bailey Higgins over at F0xpaw had sent me some jewelry to photograph for a summer look book. She designed the most perfect little chokers and bracelets I just HAD to use. How incredible do they look?!


I digress. This shoot far exceeded my expectations and I am so proud of this collaboration and ultimately GRATEFUL for all the kind human beings that participated in this. Just so I could photograph the imagery within my head.




Hair/Makeup: Allyson Wonderland Makeup Artistry

Jewelry: Bailey Higgins 

Floral crowns, yours truly.

Carrie Anne Kelly