I love Bailey so much! What else is there to say. I met her my Junior year at MICA. It's actually hilarious how Bailey and I came to meet. Long story short, her brother and my cousin are best buds and I never realized it until that very same year at a Christmas party, my aunt was like "Hey do you know a Bailey Higgins?" and I was like "Uhm yes! She's my new favorite friend!" But anyways. That's how we came to meet and I am truly grateful to know this incredibly beautiful soul. Bailey is an incredibly talented multi-media artist. She majored in photography but her talents are endless and I brag about her ALL THE TIME. She is an incredible illustrator. Her illustrations started to find themselves in screenprinted shirts and BAM F0xpaw was born; this incredible brand designed entirely by miss Bailey. She has recently added handmade jewelry to  F0xpaw that will simply leave.you.breathless. 

Inhale <reminding myself to breathe>

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Bailey to photograph these unique and beautiful pieces for a summer lookbook! I took it upon myself to go the extra step and give her that magazine feel (she doesn't know it yet, but she will soon!) Guhhhh. I am still gushing over her jewelry and man ohhhh mannn!!! These pieces photographed effortlessly. Juliet modeled them  at Topsail Island & we kept the styling simple & sexy and entirely beachy.

 Each piece is intricate, simple, light and feminine, yet edgy all at once. She completely nailed this, guys. These are for all women (AND men!). She keeps each piece unique with subtle hints of crystal, hand painted bone, or lacy fabric, sure to go with any style. They're all free-spirit, all earthy, and can be all yours very soon, babes! 


I hope you enjoy this lookbook as much I as I enjoyed photographing it for Bailey, one of the most badass babes I know! Be sure to check out the entire F0xpaw line over at her etsy shop! Bailey, as I said, specializes in a multitude of artistic mediums and I couldn't be more proud of this babe or her work! 


Carrie Anne


Carrie Anne Kelly