We hit 1,000 facebook likes! You may think, "big deal, doesn't mean anything..." and I am not saying that I think "facebook likes" validate a person's business, but it is pretty exciting to have gained a strong following since being in North Carolina. It means that my name, my brand, and everything I work and stand for is finally getting somewhere. When I moved here, I had a little over 500 facebook likes. I didn't really have a strong "brand" or a direction, and I made it my goal to change that; to start fresh. To have doubled those "likes" in less than a year, just by focusing on my marketing, making more connections, and gaining more clients, truly feels like an accomplishment. 

I wanted to share with you a recent session of mine that I truly believe represents the new face of Carrie Anne Kelly| Photography. For those of you visiting my site or blog for the first time, welcome! My name is Carrie Anne and I specialize in working with women (& their families). I offer Intimates Sessions, Maternity, Family, and You + Me (Couples) sessions. I love working with women because it's both beautiful and challenging. We are our own worst critics and to help real women overcome their insecurities and ultimately have a hand in  changing their own personal perceptions of themselves...well that's just the most rewarding job in my humble opinion. I am currently based in North Carolina, but I will, as of September, be based out of Annapolis & am currently taking booking there, beginning in October!

The session below was a complete FIRST for me. A Couples Intimates Session. I've photographed plenty of women in their underwear, and plenty of couples, but never a couple in their underwear, as silly as it sounds, hahah. When I received the inquiry for this session, I was sooooo excited. Couples Intimates Sessions are becoming very popular, and I definitely wanted to get one on the books so I could begin advertising and offering them. S + K were a pleasure to work with. I've always said this, and it still stands to be true even with Couples Intimates Sessions: Couples are sooo easy to photograph because they love and enjoy being around one another. It literally is the easiest thing in the world to photograph two people in love. All you have to do is overcome the initial, "HI, you're in front of the camera, but pretend i'm not here" moment, which happens in both Intimates and Weddings alike, and then it's golden. Seriously, this couple is a power couple. Hardworking parents who are each others rock. I think that is pretty evident when you look at these two. When they came by the studio, they were both pretty nervous. K was definitely feeling more anxious than S, but she was still able to convince him to do this! Also- can we just give this man mad props for seriously doing this for his wife? During the session, K's nerves calmed, and it was evident as soon as he looked at his wife. S wanted me to add that K wound up being more relaxed and at ease than she was! I think he was just diggin' his beautiful wife :) We worked through a variety of natural poses, and I photographed all the real, raw, and intimate moments + emotions. 

Couples Intimates Sessions are great. They're great for confident couples, just looking to do something different. They're great for couples looking to spice up their relationship. They're great for literally ANY and ALL couples. People often ask me, "Wait so like...does the couple get naked and you just...take photos?" That's the opposite...the complete opposite! Just like regular Intimates Sessions, both people can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. S + K kept it casual in denim and then a little more intimate in some undies. The session can be exactly how you want it, and will be exactly what you make of it. 

As if I haven't blabbed on enough about these two, please finally enjoy some images from their beautiful and personal Couples Intimates Session. 



Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly