I think the greatest thing that came of studying at MICA was meeting and having the opportunity to live with my roommate, Meiying. I never imagined that my first college roommate would also be my only college roommate. Not everyone is as lucky as I was. It's funny how life happens and how certain people are brought into your life, absolutely unexpectedly. Meiying is one of these souls that I truly am grateful for. I really do believe she will always be a part of my life and who I am as an artist. While in college, she was always there to remind me to open my mind, a little bit more, everyday. She was there through my best days and some of the worst. Workwise, we really were the perfect match (listen to me I sound like i'm talking about my SOUL[train] mate...Meiying, if you're reading this, I hope that made you laugh). But anyways. seriously. We both transferred to MICA from different walks of life. I was so certain of what I wanted to get out of my time there and Meiying was the complete opposite. She came in as an Art History major and I think she changed her major like once every year :p But people like us (two completely extreme opposites) need one another in life, to balance each other out. I helped her maintain focus and she helped me to relax and open myself up to this new journey I was on.

Meiying is just about the only person on earth that I can consistently photograph and always get something different from. These photos are absolutely special to me because this is the first time in over a year that we have collaborated on something, even if just for fun. The best thing about the art we create together is that it starts out generic (i'll photograph you; draw you; paint you; etc) and then turns into something totally unexpected and really pretty fucking awesome. Meiying, being the wonderful yogini that she is, ended up doing some sun salutations and I just photographed her, framed in a tree with the most perfect bit of sun. My favorites are the images where her body and arms are aligned with the tree almost perfectly. Capturing her doing yoga was really awesome because I just so happen to be working on a series of work that touches upon yoga, which I will be revealing soon, on the blog! For Meiying, yoga has always been one of those things that has helped her through some seriously difficult times. She would walk into class feeling one way, and leave feeling almost 100% better. It was always amazing to see.

I just freaking love these images. I took her to this really awesome abandoned farm house that I used to shoot at all the time when I was 17. The whole day and afternoon was just filled with good energy. I obviously had to photograph her in front of said house, too :)

Be on the look out for some medium format film shots of these! I brought along my Hasselblad and am waiting (very impatiently) for the negative scans! 

Also- More importantly, Meiying Thai is an incredible fine artist working out of New York City. Please follow her work!

<Oh. And she snapped a few silly ones of me, so obviously, I shared them, too!>

Carrie Anne Kelly