For me, the absolute best thing about this stylized session is the transition from light to dark that is visible from start to finish. Most photographers, myself included, will tell you their favorite time of day to shoot outside is "the golden hour", which is usually right before the sun begins to set behind the trees. I knew for this session that I wanted to experiment shooting in darker lighting. I needed something new and invigorating. Something to inspire me to keep experimenting. Oh man. So many interesting things start happening when there is less light to work with. The light behind the trees loses its warmth but remains super twinkly. Shadows begin to grow. And the light becomes more "silvery". UGH. It is just my new freaking favorite thing. 

Now that I am done gushing..

I teamed up with my good friend Juliet and good friend/makeup artist Ally Voshell for this one, guys, and man..they never disappoint! Our set was nestled deep into the woods in Juliet's lush backyard. I brought along a bed, some rustic bed frames, vases etc. What I didnt know was that on the side of the road, on our way into Juliet's neighborhood, would be a beautiful kelly green chair. So I obviously scooped it up for the set (thank you photo fairies!!!!!). We went into this like all of our other collabs- no idea & just winging the styling. This approach usually works out best for us, and yet again, we busted out such a beautiful session!

Ally's makeup highlighted Juliet's natural facial structure and the addition of lashes made her eyes pop in that gorgeous light! Also, can you say glow cheeks?!? Ally, I will truly miss having you to work alongside me! You never disappoint. 

Juliet killed it as usual with her "less is more" approach to modeling. Seriously girl, you're killing it anymore! So great to shoot with you again, after a long hiatus! 

Guys- your outdoor boudoir session can be as styled or natural as you'd like! Sometimes, the approach of going in with less expectations and an open mind, really works. I'm also loving the woodsy background- something to keep in mind ladies! 

What more is left to say? I'll leave you to it guys! Enjoy this stylized outdoor boudoir session!


Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly