Alex + Juliet, Topsail Beach, N.C

I present to you, Alex + Juliet.

I haven't done a stylized session with a couple before, so I wanted to do something that would challenge both my skill and eye. It was definitely a good challenge, because I didn't want to pose these two romantically. This session was not about a 'couple', so to speak; just two individuals, together. I've been thinking a lot recently about relationships and how we seek security in others, yet, we always in some way end up feeling 'alone' + closed off. I am not really sure yet if these thoughts/feelings were conveyed in these images, however, this shoot was more of an exercise in how I can portray that feeling, photographically. I have been contemplating a lot, the desire for humans to seek out acceptance and love from others in order to feel valid in their own life. This speaks to me directly because of my current situation in life. Always moving + living in new places for short periods of time has made me feel the need to build fast relationships with people, so that I feel like I am a part of something. I consider myself to be a 'free spirit', so to speak, but I also feel the need to be a part of a community or to feel like I am a part of something. This isn't necessarily bad, but it's just something I've been thinking a lot about, as I self reflect. Why do we need to connect with others? Why does the acceptance from someone else make us feel good? Why does being a part of something make us feel important or valid? Additionally, I have also been thinking a lot about my generation and how we are often with someone physically + emotionally + romantically, but yet, we feel so alone. Whether we're distracted by our own demons, thoughts, or simply social media and the world outside, it seems that even if you're with someone 24/7 physically, you still feel closed off.

These images are sort of a visual response to all of these things I have been thinking about lately. I'm not sure if they work with where my head has been, but you won't ever know unless you try something new, right? ;) I didn't really direct them much, because I wanted to see how they would feed off one another's personalities, emotions, and expressions. 

Regardless, I still find them very visually appealing and am so happy I tried something out of my box, again. Plus, I will seriously miss shooting at this beach <3 Enjoy!



Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne Kelly