Transitions + why they're good for your soul.

Changes. We all despise them, but somehow welcome them with open arms in hopes that something good will come from them. At least that's how I approach changes! Really though, I prefer to call them "transitions". Because that's all it is, a transition from one thing to the next. And we all need them, whether we like it or not! I have made my move to Annapolis, MD, and as per usual, my life has been a whirlwind ever. freaking. since. Which is an amazingly great thing. Not only did I move, but I got married (!!!!!!), and somehow in the MIDST of all of that, I might have managed to get a real, adult job, working at an E-Commerce studio!? <------ We'll just stop there because I don't want to jynx myself. I've been there everyday since last Tuesday and as tiring as it is working full time again, it feels so great to be networking and to be a part of a team.

Something I try REALLY hard NOT to do in the midst of big transitions, is to forget to take care of myself. It's really easy to get caught up in the speed of life and stop doing the things that you love. I love working out, I love making healthy meals. I love photographing people in my own studio and making an impact on their lives + I love collaborating with other creatives. I love sleeping in, I love spending all day on the couch with my dog, I love having a clean, box free home, yada yada yada. I love all of these things and more, and the busier I get, the harder it is to keep doing all of them. When this happens I can be really, REALLY, hard on myself and I try not to. Instead, I've been trying to put all of my energy into my new studio space, WHICH I'M IN LOVE WITH. I still work out of home, and that just means I have to work twice as hard to make it something spectacular for my clients. I painted an accent wall, hung rustic window panes, filled it with LOTS and LOTS of drapey fabric, because you all know I love that. I've been working non stop to make this space ten times better than my space in North Carolina, and so far, I think I've done a damn good job. I wanted to show it off to you guys right away, but because I have no friends here yet (whomp whomp), I decided to take some time to photograph myself, to also help me feel better about my lack of a gym routine. And ya know what, it did just the trick. I feel so much better. Messy hair, no makeup, and some simple lacey undies. I feel the best when I'm trying the least. Self portraits are really hard, so I will be doing a model call in order to get a bad ass babe in here to fully show off the beauty of my new space! Be on the lookout! :) 

But for now, enjoy my tush, because despite the amount of squats I have been missing out on, I think it still looks pretty damn good. 




Carrie Anne Kelly