Featured on the blog today is Jennifer Lesyna- a Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. She is a breath of fresh air and the sweetest of souls. I could not have asked for a better client. Originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area, she recently re-located to a quaint little South Philadelphia neighborhood with her wonderful, supportive fiancé, Trevor. Back in October, I had the lovely opportunity to photograph their engagement session in South Philly, and in July I will be flying all the way to San Fran to photograph their wedding! I cannot freakin' wait.

Jen is a small business owner, like me. She is an empowered woman, who like us all, struggled at some point with weight and body image issues. She has come out on top, through lots of dedication, determination, and hard work. She's taken her struggles and turned them into her very own labor of love, her business, Coaching by Jennifer. Jen's focus is to help her client's take control of their life through creating and sustaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise. She is able to level with each of her clients with her "been there, done that, let's get this going" attitude. She's so entirely inspirational. Oh- and she's an amazing cook. 

When Jen came to me looking for images that would tell her story and help her better reach her clientele, I was so entirely thrilled. From day one, I envisioned covering a range of what she can offer her future clients. After bouncing Ideas back and forth via email, we finally decided it was necessary I spend at least a total of 3 hours photographing her. We agreed that we needed to not just focus on capturing Jennifer, but we needed to capture what Coaching by Jennifer is and what it can be for her clients.

I spent 3 hours at Jennifer's beautiful home capturing her 'space'. Where she curls up on the couch with a cup of coffee before starting her day, her gorgeous light-filled home-office, her serene rooftop, and last but not least, where all the magic and inspiration happens, her kitchen...which is also to die for.

This is where its at, all my small business owning babes and dudes. Sessions that tell your story start to finish; why you started your business, why you do what you do, and you ACTUALLY doing what you do (DUH). . Who would have thought? These are more than just head shots. From start to finish we will discuss in length how we will approach your individual Business Revamp Session. We will go over locations, ideas, what to wear...everything to make your images AND business stand a part. Let's face it- not all small businesses are the same. All the imagery on your website should be unique and catered to you and your business. You owe yourself that. Check out Jennifer's Business Revamp Session and tell me you don't agree! 


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Carrie Anne