Let me start this off by telling you how much I adore this woman. Renee came all the way from Philly for her Intimates Session, which is a really big deal, and you'll understand why in a minute. She is one of the strongest, busiest women I know and has her hands (and heart) completely full with her wonderful son, Max, who I also cannot get enough of. He is an amazing little bundle of joy that has not been dealt the best cards in life, but because he has a super-mom like Renee, he will have so many opportunities and do so many great things. Max was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when he was born and has forever changed Renee's and her family's lives (for the better). She has since dedicated her life to this beautiful little boy, which means, not taking a whole lot of time for herself. For Renee to get a weekend all to herself, out of town, in a different state was HUGE. When she came to me inquiring about Intimate's Sessions, I was thrilled. I knew this meant that someone was practicing  what I preach (or at least trying to). I knew this meant she was taking the time to have some "me" time, away from the family, which for Renee, is RARE. I wanted to make sure I gave her the best experience I could, catering to her every need. I knew this experience would be life changing.  

Like most women, Renee has never had a boudoir session. She didn't know where to even begin shopping, let alone for what. I cannot stress enough how much easier it is to shop for lingerie and pretty undies when you ask for some guidance. Believe it or not, we boudoir photographers might have a few good ideas lying around! I was really happy that Renee came to me for some guidance because she ended up picking out some of the cutest pieces from Heidi's Boutique in Newtown, PA. She also brought along some of her go-to comfy/sexy outfits. Stuff that she had lying around at home that worked perfectly for her session. 

After learning that she went and splurged on two gorgeous bra and panty sets, she then told me she made a hair appointment at Hudson & Fouquet in downtown Annapolis, my absolute favorite spot. Renee really was pampering herself. This is what it's all about ladies. For some of us, we really need to take that extra step (or five) to pamper ourselves 110 million percent.

The  day of Renee's Intimates Session came and she killed it. Like every.....single.....woman I photograph, she came into the studio nervous and unsure, and left feeling like a freaking boss. All it took from me was a couple minutes of coaching her through poses, and before I knew it, she was holding her own. So much confidence, it could have made me cry. Getting to witness that transition in real life is unreal dudes. Watching women come into my studio scared and freaked out saying "I really don't even know I am doing this" and then BOOM ... they blossom into the confident women I know they can be, is just simply amazing. I don't make this stuff up. 

In the words of Renee herself, " I wanted to remind myself not to forget 'Renee'." Right on Mama. <3

Babes of Annapolis. I am on your side. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Come get your photos taken in your undies or fully clothed. I don't care. Just come step in front of my camera and feel how good it feels to see yourself they way others truly see you; as a beautiful soul.