Hannah is a badass babe.

You guyssssss! 

I haven't blogged for so long, and that's not cool! As you know, in life, we go through many stages where we put our focus on other aspects of our life and career for growth purposes. I've been shooting a lot. A LOT. For a lot of various clients. I just haven't been sharing! And. unfortunately, my website and blog have been on the back burner, and I am making it my goal to get on here and blog at least once a week. Whether I share a session, personal images, or talk about whatever the hell is on my mind, I want to blog more.

Anyways- back in December, ayyyyy yiyiyi. Yeah, it's been that long. I photographed this amazing queen of a woman, Hannah. She is such a genuine human being, with so much to offer and I am so entirely bless that the universe connected us last April. We have so much planned, and I get to photograph her gorgeous wedding in June, for which I am so freaking excited. 

Let's celebrate this gorgeous queen together! She was brave enough to step in front of my lens with total openness. It can be really hard to go into that vulnerable place. Those who do, I applaud you endlessly. 

Carrie Anne Kelly