Model Themselves is an in-progress series confronting the stereotypes and issues within the modeling and fashion industry today. Through working with professional models on personal photo shoots and interviews, it is my goal to peel away the layers of these models and portray them as human beings.


FOR JOY, 2012

For Joy explores the array of emotions that are attached to certain locations of significance to an ex-ballerina in her home city of Manhattan, NY. She was asked to re-visit these locations and express herself through dance and through colored tulle.


SPACES, 2013

Spaces, a photographic book, was constructed out of the desire to learn about complete strangers through their bedrooms or places in their homes that were considered to be their "safe-haven". In contrast, the strangers were then asked to take a photo of that room, that would then be displayed next to the image taken originally. This was done to further learn about what these spaces could reveal about the strangers.