Where to start? I showed up to this mid August wedding and was in awe of the gorgeous old barn and land surrounding it. Set in Collegeville, PA, The Barn on Bridge is the perfect location for couples looking for a rustic, all inclusive setting for their special day. It is PERFECT. I immediately noticed all of the care that Kelly and Greg put into the details of the day. Everything was in accordance with their theme, and looked amazing. Anyways- enough about the location! I showed up to begin photographing the set up of the Chuppah, a canopy used in traditional Jewish weddings where the couple stands beneath it during the ceremony. The beautiful thing about this couple is that Kelly comes from a Catholic background and Greg from a Jewish background. Kelly's father built the entire Chuppah from the ground up using imported bamboo! This Chuppah included the Jewish tradition, while incorporating inspiration from the canopies and huts from ancient Christian/Catholic ceremonies that would be held outdoors. What a beautiful way to merge two religions! The Chuppah was gorgeous.

After spending time getting to know Kelly's father and best friend during the set up of the Chuppah, I  made my way over to the groom prep site where I met Greg. Greg was so personable and vibrant, his positivity and overall joy for the day was infectious! His family and friends in the wedding party shared his vibrancy and great sense of humor. They were a great bunch of people to hang around while waiting for the "first look"!

On our way down to the "first look" site, I asked Greg if he was nervous. He said "No, I just can't wait to see how beautiful Kelly will look". A response I was not surprised to hear. I got him setup in his place while the other photographer, Kate Duffy, brought the bride down. The wind was blowing, the sun was peeking through the trees; it was just literal perfection. Kelly looked stunning and I knew Greg was super anxious. 

After the "first look", we spent time doing formals of Greg and Kelly along with their family and bridal party. MAJOR BONUS: They wanted their two pups in the photos! I am a huge dog/animal lover, so meeting their two fur babies made my day! Shortly after, we made our way back to The Barn on Bridge, across the street, for the ceremony. The Chuppah looked stunning, the guests were seated, it was time to celebrate and see these two make their commitment! 

What is there left to say about this couple? They were so kind and sweet and their family was absolutely the same. Their guests were mostly friends, so that made for a lovely reception and night filled with dancing and laughter. They had a live band, whom I might add, totally rocked. It was almost like being at a live show of a major band. 

I wish Kelly  & Greg nothing but love and happiness for the rest of their lives & am grateful I was a part of their day!