Amanda & Paul's July wedding was a dream for any photographer. It was extravagant, it was detail oriented, and above all, it was inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. How romantic! The other photographer and I spent the first part of the day taking formals of Amanda and Paul as well as the bridal party. What an awesome bunch! Amanda had not one, but TWO dresses. The lovely dress in the formals is in fact not her wedding gown. Take a look at that awesome head piece and shawl! Can anyone say 1920's? And the bouquet! Don't get me started.

 We started out at the Horticulture Center near Fairmount Park. It was lush, green, and huge. It had a beautiful fountain, and totally reminded me of what Gatbsy's land surrounding his home might look like! It was truly stunning and definitely fit the Gatbsy theme they were going for. After walking around the grounds and photographing for a few hours, I followed Amanda back to her home where she then had her hair and makeup refreshed, and changed into her [stunning] wedding gown. She was glowing! And that vintage cap that attached to her veil?! I was dying...mostly because I got so much inspiration for my own wedding from her accessories alone! The women of the 20's really knew what they were doing style wise...just saying. 

Amanda & Paul had a traditional Catholic ceremony but after...they had the coolest confetti throwing line! It was so sparkly and glam. They looked so happy. After the ceremony, which was across the bridge in New Jersey, we headed back to Philly to the Please Touch Museum (yes, they rented out the museum for the reception..!!) where they had their cocktail hour in the Carousel Room. You heard it right here- The. Carousel. Room. What more can I say? They served 1920's cocktails while guests were allowed to ride on the carousel for photo ops! I wish more people had taken the opportunity. It was still very cool none the less. You can see how much care Amanda and Paul put into the theme of their wedding day just by the center pieces (both cocktail hour & reception) and the name card table. They even had guests sign pieces of fabric that would then be sewn into a quilt for the two of them!  I know. I could go on & on & on about this wedding you guys. It was amazing. Mostly because, if you know me, you know I love anything vintage and I obviously love the book The Great Gatsby. I love working with people who have an artistic vision and who try to make their wedding day thematic. Amanda & Paul were going for a 1920's/Gatsby extravaganza and they completely succeeded. Enjoy the images from the day!