Chances are, if you’ve found yourself here, you’re interested in booking a boudoir session. YAY. Here’s the thing. I call them “boudoir sessions” because thats the best, most well known way to describe a photo session like this. Most people understand what boudoir is- in the technical term. I have my own way of defining it though.



I am not your average boudoir photographer. My clients come to me because they are looking to love themselves and to feel good in their own skin. They are tired of feeling the pressures of society. They want to own their own beauty. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners- they all have at some point felt inadequate regarding their body. My clients want raw and authentic images of themselves. So, if you’ve found yourself here because you want a boudoir session where the end result is photoshopped final images, I am not the photographer for you. I pride myself in using natural light, natural and feminine posing, and absolutely no photoshop. Your final images will have a gorgeous, earthy “feel” to them, and that's it. 



Okay, so you’ve read through everything above and got to here. You are probably really serious about booking. DOUBLE YAY. To book, you will head over here, and send me an email with your preferred shoot dates. Once booked, I will send you my Boudoir Guide that will answer just about every question you might have! I am always available via email and text to discuss outfits and styling! I do not provide makeup, but can recommend lots of badass women who do the job well. If you need help with hair, I offer basic styling before your shoot! Okay, so now its your shoot day, and you’re super nervous and you are doubting yourself. DON’T. You. Got. This. I am your biggest advocate. I literally show you every single position, and pose you down to your fingers and toes. I even remind you to breathe. So, we do the damn thing, and then after, we get to go through your gorgeous UN-RETOUCHED images (my favorite part). We also look through all of my gorgeous products and you get to decide how you want to display your fineeeee self. We place the order, I edit your images and design your product, and you gained some new amazing self-esteem. Sessions are an hour long and you can expect to be hanging with me for 90 minutes.