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Body Positive Boudoir Photography in Oceanside, Ca
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Oceanside . Cali

Carrie Anne offers boutique-style body-positive + body inclusive boudoir sessions in sunny Oceanside, California.

Authentic. Free. Sexy. Strong. This is how you will feel after your boudoir session with us. We focus on capturing raw + authentic moments that showcase you- in your most real + freest form. Our space is safe for all women on any part of their journey. You are welcomed to feel sexy + empowered in this space. Your tummy rolls, your jiggle, your fluff, your skin, your bones- it is all embraced. You will not be photoshopped. You will not be altered in any way. You, in all your rawness and realness, are powerful, and we aim to capture all of that magic. There is so much strength in vulnerability. This is more than just a boudoir session + by taking this step, you are doing so much for yourself.

Much like mother ocean accepts us and welcomes us as we are, Carrie Anne is here to take you as you are and show you just how freaking incredible that is. You are so damn amazing, and we cannot wait to show you that.



Meet Carrie Anne

Hi babes. My name is Carrie Anne. I am your fearless + badass photographer ready to help you embark on this incredible journey towards a powerful and stronger relationship with yourself. I cannot wait to work with you! When I am not in my studio making babes feel amazing, you’ll find me playing in the ocean or surfing!

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