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Body Positive Boudoir Photography in Oceanside, Ca
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welcome babes

My name is Carrie Anne + I am here to support you through this entire process that right now, probably feels a little bit exhilarating and a lot scary. I am a badass photographer who lives and runs this beautiful business, right here in Oceanside, California.

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 my journey


My journey is very much related to my relationship with my body. For much of my young life, into my early twenties, I struggled with a terrible eating disorder and body dysmorphia. My path to healing sounds easy when typed out, but it has been a long, long road. However, in 2012, a very good friend of mine photographed me for my first boudoir session and I didn’t know it at the time, but it was about to change my life. I didn’t know much about boudoir, but at this time, it was not at what it has evolved into today. Boudoir was less about empowerment and all about the male gaze and sex appeal. So, naturally, I was extremely nervous. I had nothing to be nervous about. My magic was captured that day, in a raw, beautiful and powerful way. The images were beautiful, but the experience was truly what helped me transform the way I looked at myself in real life. Being complimented and supported by another woman was not something I was used to. Seeing myself through someone else’s perspective is so important. That day changed my life forever. I realized then, the power I have with a camera. I have a tool and a skill that can literally change someone’s life. I decided that this was the direction I wanted to take my career.

I wanted to redefine the way we think when we hear the word boudoir, and to offer an experience that is entirely for women. I wanted to help women who were looking to reclaim that ‘piece’ of them that maybe they lost. Whether it was about reclaiming their identity, sexuality, or simply just wanting to heal from negative body image, I just wanted to offer a safe space for all women and a photo experience geared towards female empowerment - and so I began shooting boudoir. That was in 2012. It is now 2019, and I can proudly say I have worked with thousands of women, all ages, sizes, races, and with all different abilities. I truly love what I do. Our journey towards self-love and self-empowerment is not a one-and-done deal. We are not entirely “fixed” by a single boudoir session. For me, my boudoir session ignited a fire inside me to keep fighting. Getting more comfortable with my body has opened up so many more possibilities and brought so much into my life that I might not have allowed space for. Feeling happy + safe in my own body is ultimately what brought me back to my connection with the ocean. I have an immense love for the sea + surfing. The ocean is my safe space, and the feeling of joy and comfort I feel when surfing or swimming in her waters if what I try to emulate in my studio + in my sessions.


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